Real-World Expertise. Not classroom theory.

Helping to create future leaders thru experience & education.

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How quickly could you fill a critical position with one of your own?

"Bench Strength" refers to your organization's ability to immediately fill a critical position with a talented, internal candidate instead of having to hire from outside.

Critical to the success and well-being of your organization is your ability to identify and develop the skills, talents, knowledge, and relationships of the people in key positions.   

But too many people in these key positions don't feel equipped to do their job. Worse, there is nobody ready to step up if they leave.

Eventually, somebody is going to leave. And that may leave a big hole.

So what do you focus on? And where can you get reliable instruction?

With the hundreds of books, podcasts, and training videos out there, how do you know if you're doing it right?

Why should you be left to figure it out on your own? It's unfair to expect to know how to do something if no one has ever shown you!


What You Get By Working With Me

Peace of mind knowing that your employees are getting the education, training, and experiential coaching that allows them to become stronger leaders in preparation for taking on future roles in your company.

Ensure depth at each position that directly impacts goals & performance


The best way to gain confidence in anything is by practicing the right things while an expert instructor provides coaching and feedback. Leading others is no different. In order to get better, you need a leadership instructor and coach who is removed from the day-to-day stuff and can see your blind spots. And once you start practicing like this, you'll become more confident in who you are and your abilities. And so will everyone around you!

Build a culture of collaboration while developing your talent pool


Success has everything to do with teamwork and little to do with talent or technology. Every organization succeeds or fails based on how well its people work together. Period. And building a great team isn't hard. It requires a plan, a commitment to that plan, and consistency & accountability. You can have a championship caliber team and we can help you get there.

Make things happen & get stuff done


Both leaders and organizations are ultimately judged by the outcomes they achieve. It's no secret that "winning cures a lot of ills."  So why would leave success to chance?  Drive the train, accomplish your goals, and start succeeding, regardless of the circumstances.


Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3.

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1. Assess your Company

Get a clearer picture with an Analysis of Existing Gaps (AEG) Test.

Not knowing the capabilities and strengths of key people is like playing blindfolded.

Get a report showing you the area(s) and skill(s) in need of development.

2. Develop a Plan

Create a training program that aligns with your company's goals.

The only thing worse than training on skills people don't need is doing nothing at all.

Align developmental experiences with organizational objectives.

3. Start the Journey

Experience the benefits of merging training & coaching with a mentor. 

Stop reacting to circumstances and getting caught flat-footed. 

Develop your greatest competitive advantage - your people! 


What People Are Saying About Working With Adam


"He has been, hands-down, one of my favorite leadership instructors to date. Approachable, knowledgable, empathetic and a wonderful communicator, Adam exceeded my expectations for the course and truly made a difference in my professional trajectory. I was sad that the experience ended, to be perfectly honest. I can't recommend him enough!"

Jennifer Gerlock, VP of Marketing Communications
Frederick County Chamber of Commerce

Helping People Lead at Every Level

I know how it feels to be told "sink or swim" & have everything you've ever worked for put on the line.

I've been teaching, coaching, and mentoring leaders for over 20 years. In that time, I've helped people at every level of leadership develop their competencies, attributes, and skills and build their human capital to make their organization more effective & efficient.

Adam Cubbage
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Wasting Time 

Don't build from scratch. Build from experience!

Forget trying to read the latest book, listening to a hipster podcast, or sitting in a classroom learning theory. It doesn't work.

You don't have the time or expertise to build your own plan from scratch. That's why I built one for you!

I believe great leaders are developed, and access to that expertise shouldn't be a barrier for anyone. So I'm disrupting things.

I know it's frustrating trying to figure out how to lead at the next level without any experience. Skip the painful lessons.

I distilled the best leadership experiences & research and combined it into an effective training program. Compressed decades into days.