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Workplace Challenges Can Be Difficult 

The workplace issues we face today are tough and complex.

And it is making the workplace a miserable place to be.

Employee Burnout

Team Dysfunction

Lack of Performance

The Solution is to A.C.T.

Fixing these workplace issues should be easy and straightforward. 

Because everyone deserves to have a great place to work and thrive. 

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Step 1
1 hour

It begins with getting an understanding of what you need. And that starts with a simple process for identifying those needs. 

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Step 2
1 week

Workers today need training specific to their situation which can be used immediately afterwards. 


Step 3
1 session

Everything we do is geared towards one outcome: positive transformation that yields great results.

About Us

Center Point Leadership Development
Leaders. Transforming Organizations.

Since 2016, Center Point Leadership Development has been providing talent development & executive coaching services to companies ranging from local small businesses to Fortune 100 companies across the U.S.

Our Frederick-based HR consulting firm creates unique plans to address your company's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Let us help you keep your business competitive, successful, and growth-oriented.

or call 1 (877) 544-1392

Julianna Lee, SHRM-CP | HR Development & Talent Manager, LG Electronics

" Adam is our go-to choice for training our people on how to give presentations. He is engaging, dynamic, and awesome to work with. And our people come out of the training 10x's better and ready to brief everyone from our partner companies to the CEO. "
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