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Learning & Development solutions for every challenge.

New manager


Being successful in a management or leadership position requires specific competencies & abilities which are different at each level.

No one tells you how to be effective and efficient in these roles; they just expect it. 

From first-time manager training to executive coaching, we equip you to lead & succeed at every level!

Management Training; LDX;

Teams & Groups

High-performing teams create alignment, build cohesion, & work effectively by leveraging the unique strengths of its members.

Developing a collection of people into a cohesive, functioning team is vital.

From team building to group training as a membership benefit, we develop synergy in people.   

organizational training


Superior organizations navigate change and facilitate growth by planning for the future and executing in the present. 


Unplanned growth is the greatest hinderance to organizational success.


From talent management & succession planning, we help you get ahead and stay there.

Image by Dariusz Sankowski

"Adam is one of the most creative, focused and nimble consultants I've ever worked with (and I've worked with many). ... I've seen Adam approach a complex issue, thoughtfully engage and inquire, and then expertly diagnose and advise the participants on the most mutually beneficial path forward."

Rick Weldon

Frederick County
Chamber of Commerce

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