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Corporate Training

Elevate your company's performance with a Center Point Leadership Development corporate training event. Designed by industry experts to forge world-class leaders that drive transformative results.


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Management & Leadership


  • Basic Management TM

  • Advanced Management TM

  • Expert Management TM

  • Project Management for Managers TM

  • Leadership Development Experience TM

  • Master Your Leadership Presence TM 

  • Other courses available

Leaders are made -- not born.

Explore our comprehensive range of Management & Leadership Training courses at Center Point Leadership Development. Each course is expertly designed to empower aspiring and established leaders with advanced skills in management, strategic decision-making, and effective team leadership, ensuring they are equipped to navigate today's dynamic business landscapes successfully.​


Each course:

  • Can be customized for your unique needs

  • Can be delivered on-site or virtually

  • 1 to 2 days

Call Us: 1-877-544-1392

Professional Development 


  • Change Management: Leading Transformation Initiatives

  • Effective Team Management: Building High-Performing Teams

  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders: Driving Organizational Success

  • Strategic Leadership: Navigating Modern Business Challenges

  • Other courses available

Unlock Your Potential, Lead with Confidence

In today's fast-paced business world, managers are the pivotal force driving success. The transition from a team member to a leadership role is filled with opportunities and challenges alike. The Professional Growth & Development Program is specifically crafted for new managers and high-potential/high-performing employees, aiming to empower them with the insights, skills, and confidence required to thrive in leadership positions.


Ideal for:

  • New Managers eager to develop essential leadership skills

  • High-potential employees preparing for managerial roles

  • High performers looking to enhance their leadership capabilities

Call Us: 1-877-544-1392

Profess Dev

Communication & Negotiations


  • Mastering Persuasive Communication: Techniques for Influential Leadership 

  • Advanced Negotiation Skills for Business Success

  • Conflict Resolution Strategies: Navigating Workplace Dynamics

  • Effective Public Speaking for Leaders: Commanding Presence

  • Other courses available

Say It So That They Listen When You Speak

Dive into the art of impactful dialogue with Center Point Leadership Development's Communication and Negotiations Training Courses. Tailored for professionals seeking to enhance their influence and effectiveness, these courses offer in-depth insights into persuasive communication, expert negotiation tactics, conflict resolution, and public speaking mastery. Each program is designed to refine your skills in both internal and external business interactions, ensuring you excel in creating and maintaining strong, productive relationships in a diverse, global business environment.


Ideal for:

  • Mid to Senior level managers looking to enhance their leadership presence

  • Team Leaders / Supervisors seeking to improve conflict resolution

  • Sales & Marketing Professionals who aim to refine their negotiation and persuasion tactics for better client outcomes

  • HR professionals interested in mastering recruitment and employee relations 

  • Executive & C-level professionals looking to strengthen their public speaking

Call Us: 1-877-544-1392


Teamwork & Collaboration


  • Building Resilient Teams in a Dynamic Workplace 

  • Cross-Functional Team Excellence

  • Empowering Teams for Peak Performance

  • High-Impact Team Strategies for Effective Collaboration

  • Other courses available

Build Synergy for Success

Unlock the full potential of teamwork with Center Point Leadership Development's Teamwork & Collaboration Courses. Designed to foster high-performing, cohesive teams, our courses provide practical strategies and insights for enhancing team synergy, resilience, and innovation. Whether you're looking to strengthen cross-functional collaboration, nurture creative problem-solving, or lead teams to peak performance, our expert-led programs offer the tools and techniques necessary for cultivating an environment where teamwork thrives and collective goals are achieved. Perfect for leaders, managers, and team members, these courses are your key to building stronger, more effective teams in today’s fast-paced, collaborative work culture.


Ideal for:

  • Remote and Virtual Teams looking to overcome the challenges of being geographically dispersed

  • Team Leaders & Managers seeking to build and manage more collaborative teams

  • HR professionals looking to develop and implement team building strategies within their organization 

  • Project Managers who coordinate cross-functional teams and require skills to enhance collaboration among diverse groups

Call Us: 1-877-544-1392





  • Strategic Planning: Drive Organization Growth 

  • Building Consensus: Advanced Decision Making

  • Innovative Problem Solving

  • Master the Art of the Meeting

  • Other workshops available

Unlocking Your Potential to Achieve Success

Step into the world of skilled facilitation with Center Point Leadership Development's Facilitation. Our expert-led sessions are designed to be interactive, engaging, and fun. From mastering efficient meeting strategies to guiding strategic planning sessions, these sessions cover a spectrum of organizational topics. Learn how to foster innovative problem-solving, build consensus among diverse groups, and empower teams through engaging workshops.

Ideal for:

  • Team Leaders & Managers who want to enhance their skills in guiding productive and engaging meetings

  • HR Professionals looking to improve employee engagement 

  • Mid to Senior level executives seeking to have an outside perspective help get them over the hump

  • Organizations needing to refresh their strategic plans

Call Us: 1-877-544-1392




  • Leadership Excellence 

  • Team Building & Resilience

  • Leaders mindfulness &     well-being

  • Unlocking Innovation & Creativity

  • Other retreats are available

Escape the Office

Embark on a journey of growth with Center Point Leadership Development's Off-Site Retreats. Tailored for professionals and teams, our retreats offer a unique blend of professional development and rejuvenation in inspiring locations. From leadership excellence programs for executives to creative thinking workshops for teams, each retreat is designed to foster skills, collaboration, and well-being. Experience transformative team building, strategic innovation, and mindfulness practices, all while enjoying a refreshing change of scenery. Ideal for organizations seeking to invest in their talent, our retreats provide an invaluable opportunity to disconnect, reflect, and return recharged with new insights and strengthened bonds..

Each Retreat:

  • 1, 2, or 3 day retreats available

  • Held locally in your area 

  • Lodging and Meals included

  • Up to 20 participants

Call Us: 1-877-544-1392

Off Site
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